The Latino Student Action Committee is a youth leadership development  program for high school students who are passionate about social justice and want to create positive changes in the community. Our mission is to foster Oregon's next generation of leaders by providing opportunities for Latino youth to discover their leadership potential, solve issues in their community, and advocate for change.

Students apply for this program and get the chance to work with Latinx leaders from around the state. They also get to work together on a final project that focuses on applying the skills they learn in the program to impact the community.


LSAC provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Form relationships and work with Latinx leaders

  • Learn and practice important leadership skills

  • Work with other young leaders eager to make a difference in their community

  • Implement their leadership skills in the community by leading a service project

Cohort I Members:

  • Gaby Gomez, Cleveland High School

  • Ismael Bastida de Jesus, Benson High School

  • Bethel Aviles, Parkrose High School

  • Lizzie Ic Lopez, Benson High School

  • Ethan Vang, Gresham High School

  • Fowzia Ibrahim, Madison High School

  • Karina Alcantara, Benson High School

  • Carina Nunez Rojas, Gresham High School

  • Brisa Somilleda-Ruiz, Benson High School

  • Keyry Hernandez Lopez, David Douglas High School

  • Tayma Miguel, Reynold High School

  • Kimberly Perez, David Douglas High School

  • Arianna Perez, Benson High School

  • Wendy Palafox, St. Mary’s Academy

  • Morelia Garcia Hernandez, Reynolds High School

  • Belen Aviles, Parkrose High School