teaghan phillips

Youth Engagement Specialist

email: teaghan@latnet.org | Ph: 503-283-6881 | C: 503-220-5374

Roles and responsibilities at Latino Network:

During the school day I meet with 11th and 12th grade students one-on-one, offering social, emotional, and academic support. After school I provide financial aid guidance and college and scholarship application assistance, facilitating workshops on college preparation, college saving, and career exploration.

What motivates you to do this job at Latino Network?

The human capacity to excel when we have the love, guidance, resources, and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Interests and activities:

Friendship is the bedrock of my life and I negotiate a balance between movement and rest: playing soccer or basketball, backpacking, reading, dancing, listening to music, painting or printmaking, and creative writing.

Most proud achievement:

My life, personally and professionally, is defined by intentional relationships grounded in mutuality, unconditional love, and growth.