Latino Network is proud to partner with many nonprofit, corporate, government, and foundations across Oregon. We partner with organizations who share our values and are committed to creating an Oregon where Latino families thrive. 

An UNIDOSUS affiliate:

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Successful Families 2020 partner:

We are also a collaborative of 7 nonprofits joining together to reduce poverty in communities of color. We envision a day when cultural identity is valued as an asset, and every system and service becomes a reflection of the communities they serve. 

We are proud to be a Portland Trail Blazers community partner from 2016-2018!


Oregon Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA affiliate:

We are proud to be in our second year of hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA to build our capacity to manage volunteers. 

Escalera & the Oregon Lottery

Thank you to our partners at the Oregon State Lottery for supporting our Escalera Program. With their help, our cohorts are able to attend college and career field trips.