Stay Involved: Take Action & Community Resources Feature

So far 2017 has been a year of adversity, but at Latino Network, we see this as an opportunity to come together in support, acceptance, and advocacy with and for our Latino communities, and all communities of color.

This is why we’ve created two resources pages – one for our amazing advocates and another for families who need resources and support – for our communities in Portland and the entire state of Oregon.

We hope both of these pages help families, advocates, and communities alike:

Community Resources

Our Community Resources page is dedicated to providing as many resources as we can to families and individuals with immigration or citizenship concerns. Here, you can find downloadable documents that will help you with preparing your family for an emergency, a list of immigration and family attorneys, and many links to “Know Your Rights” resources that will help you stay safe. 

All documents, links, and resources can be found in English AND Spanish. We have made every effort to ensure these documents contain accurate information.

Take Action

Our Take Action page is a resource for advocates who want to get involved in making our country safe for immigrants, refugees, and minority communities. You’ll find a comprehensive list of all of local, state and federal Oregon lawmakers, links to policy and advocacy resources, and a button to signup for our advocacy alert email list. 

Our goal is to continue to empower ALL communities in Portland by providing resources, services, and support for individuals and families who need help and advocates who want to join our cause.

We hope that these two pages will empower you, your family, and your community to make our country safe and equal for everyone!