Summer Academia: creating lifelong experiences

Latino Network recognizes that too many youth lack safe spaces and activities to engage in during summer months. Often this lack of programming leads to increased gang involvement or risky behaviors. Latino Network’s Summer Academia (Summer Academy) provides youth already enrolled in CHI and Early CHI programs with positive, fun, educational and enriching activities to keep them safe, engaged, and curious about their surroundings.

Our Summer Academia program includes weekly explorations of the outdoors and other indoors activities for when the weather is not on our side!

Our culturally-specific curriculum allows us to guide youth while they explore the outdoors and connected it to our Latinx culture through arts, music, hiking, and science. Our program participants also visit local natural areas and parks to experience the wonders of Oregon and immerse themselves in experiences that will last a lifetime.

This year, our Summer Academia youth and Community Healing Initiative (CHI) mentors had a blast exploring Oregon’s nature and engaging in healthy, fun and engaging activities such as kayaking, swimming and hiking.


When we weren’t exploring the outdoors, our Summer Academia youth got to hang out and play games at the Bullwinkles Family Fun Center in Wilsonville, OR.


This summer’s ultimate favorite was our youth’s visit to OMSI, where they got the opportunity to see the science behind Pixar and interact with their favorite Disney characters.