Joaquín Lopez

Arts & Culture Program Manager

email: | P: 503-283-6881

Joaquin joined Latino Network in January 2015 as the Youth and Family Program Manager. He will be leading after-school arts and culture programming and case management for low-level first-time Latino youth offenders in Rockwood through the Community Healing Initiative (CHI) Early Intervention program.

Joaquin grew up in Beaverton, graduating from Aloha High School. His father is from the small town of Ixtlan del Rio in Nayarit, Mexico and his mother is Mexican-American with roots in Texas. He graduated from Southern Oregon University with a BFA in Theatre Arts.

He is excited to be part of Latino Network because he enjoys being a catalyst for people to express themselves and better their lives. “It’s an honor to have an impact on someone and hold the space for personal change and development.”

Joaquin enjoys being part of the Portland arts and culture scene and is very involved with the community through a variety of initiatives including Fusionarte, Los Porteños writing roup, and La Bonita North Noche Bohemias (Bohemian Nights). In 2009, he founded Voz Alta, in support of Portland Gay Pride. He interviews Latinos in the community and sets their stories to poetry and Latin American folk music to be shared.

He serves on the board of Business for Culture and the Arts as well as the Sowelu Theatre Ensemble. In his free time, he loves seeing movies and plays, reading non-fiction, playing the guitar, and writing!