Volunteer with Adult ESL Programs

ESL: Help a Latino/a adult practice English! Volunteer with our Bienvenidos ESL program as a tutor for adults learning English. You will work one-on-one with adults in the program having conversations in English after the formal lesson for the evening. Click here for full volunteer description.

Position Description:

Volunteer ESL Classroom Assistant

Volunteer Description and Responsibilities

Supports ESL Instructor, shares activities and ideas, guides individual students during bookwork activities, and encourages English conversation among students

Language Requirement

Intermediate Spanish preferred but not required

Skills & Knowledge

Experience with adult classroom instruction or tutoring ESL preferred but not required

Time Requirement

Classes are offered twice a week either 12:30-2:00pm or 6:00-7:30pm depending on location. Volunteers are asked to be there twice a week. Class schedule will depend on the instructor's schedule. 

Volunteer Benefits

Work with adult ESL students who are native Spanish speakers and working to learn English.

Schools we are currently serving

  • Bridger Elementary

  • Cesar Chavez K-8 

  • Hartley Elementary

  • Kelly Elementary 

  • Reynolds Middle School

  • Rigler Elementary 

  • Scott Elementary

  • Woodland Elementary