teaghan phillips

Youth Engagement Specialist

email: teaghan@latnet.org | Ph: 503-283-6881 | C: 503-220-5374

Teaghan joined Latino Network in July, 2016 as a Youth Engagement Specialist with the School Based Programs team and will be an after-school program instructor for Escalera, encouraging youth to pursue post-secondary education and the career of their choice. 

Previously, Teaghan created a Latino mentor program at Benson High School called LÁMP:ARA. Subsequently, she served as a Youth Advocate with Open School’s Step Up program at Roosevelt High School. She is passionate about working with youth and families in the Latino community and is a strong advocate for social justice, self-awareness, and critical thinking. 

Born in northern California, Teaghan attended a bilingual (Spanish/English) elementary school and began learning about Latino history in the United States. She graduated from Whitman College with a B.S. in Humanities and studied literature and U.S.-Mexico border politics. During her college years she also spent time studying U.S colonialism and teaching in Ecuador.

In her free time, she likes to read, play soccer, hike, travel, make art, and eat with family and friends.