Sun Manager resources

New Managers

Click: SUN Manager job description (review main roles and responsibilities)

Click: First 5 days on the job

Acquire your PPS/RSD badge

PPS: Cesar Chavez, Rigler, Scott, Bridger, Kelly

Step 1: Read instructions on setting up a fingerprinting appointment

Step 2: Criminal Verification form needed for the appointment

RSD: Hartley, Reynolds Middle, Woodland

Mandatory Reporting

Click for the video and the powerpoint

Acquiring Synergy Access in PPS/RSD

Click here for instructions for both PPS and RSD

Create an account and profile for this link:

Click: SUN Early Engagement & Site Orientation Checklist: First Day-First Month


Budget 101-Part I

Budget 101-Part II

Budget 101-Part III

Budget 101-Part IV

Budget 101-Part V


Checklist for year one SUN Managers

Checklist for 1+ Managers


What kind of background check does my SUN team need?

Example of a School Site Safety Plan to share with your team

Reasonable Accommodations

Guidelines to secure a Special Assistance Instructor and handling complaints. Other forms needed surrounding this topic can be found on the Employee Portal and/or SUN Community School website.

Other resources to help families with students with accommodations:

Addressing Medication Needs Out of School Time

Resources for families with students with developmental disabilities

HR Practices

5 Keys to Managing Employees Effectively

Set Expectations for Staff:

Roles: Go over roles for Extended Day Coordinators (EDCs), Food Pantry Assistants (FPAs), and Extended Day Instructors (EDI’s)

Debriefs: Extended Day Coordinators, Food Pantry Assistants, Interns, and/or Americorps Volunteers, in particular, should be meeting with you formally on a weekly basis for 15-30 minutes. Make sure you both agree to a small agenda (sample agenda) and write key pieces about the conversation.

School Site Manual: Like the agency handbook, this should offer policy the SUN team should follow at your school and particularly in your program. Here’s is an example of a SUN School Manual.

SUN Site Orientations: They are required and paid for by the County budget. They are to happen before every term. They can be anywhere from 1.5-2 hours long. The should cover: basic operations, safety, small fiscal procedures (tracking hours/reimbursement for purchases), and one of three concepts: Trauma Informed Care, Culturally Responsive, and Restorative Practice.

For Managers in transition

After offering resignation, please use the SUN Manager Transition Checklist to ensure all is ready for the next Manager. Thank you!