staff committees

Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Committee’s purpose is to develop, promote, and coordinate employee wellness initiatives and increase awareness of benefits and behaviors associated with wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Read more here.

Please contact Debbie Cabrales for Health & Wellness Committee information.


The purpose of the Safety Committee is to ensure proper safety measures are in place and practiced by all staff for day to day activities and special events. We also conduct ongoing evaluations and upkeep of safety materials and plans throughout the office such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, earthquake drills, fire drills, and lockdowns. Red more here.

Please contact Maria Velez for Safety Committee information


The purpose of the Cultural Committee is to celebrate the cultural roots of our LatNet family “Celebrar las raíces culturales de nuestra familia de LatinoNetwork." Members of this committee love to promote and bring to light some of the celebrations and practices from back home and share them with each other in a safe, positive, and festive manner. Some of our annual celebrations are: Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Day of the Dead, Posada, and others. Read more here.

Please contact Ana Muñoz for Cultural Committee information


The purpose of the green committee is to explore ways for Latino Network to promote environmental sustainability for the benefit of the organization, staff members and the community the we serve. The committee will seek and provide input for environmentally friendly policies that are realistic, cost efficient, and impactful. Committee members will help to create, amend and up-date a policy document detailing recommendations for agency wide adoption that encourage green policies, procurement procedures, and environmental considerations for continual implementation at Latino Network. Read more here.

Please contact Rambod Behnam for Green Committee information