To rehire a contractor for an additional term, the following steps must be reviewed and/or completed as necessary:

  1. Professional Services Agreement.  A new contract must be executed with the new dates

  2. Current W9:  No new W9 is needed if the new contract dates are in the same calendar year as the W9 already on file.   Otherwise, one for the new calendar year must be signed and submitted.

  3. Background Check:  No new background check is needed if the most recently approved one is valid through the last date of the contract term.  Otherwise a new Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Form (or proof of successful completion of a new one) must be included in file. SUN may only show copies of their staff’s badge or email from the district.

  4. Once steps 1, 2, and 3 are completed, submit all paperwork to Contract Administration for processing. 

*For Sun Site Manager's only; Checklist

All of the above must be completed and in place before the contractor can start an additional term of work.  Submit all paperwork to your Program Manager for review and further processing.