Unidos for Oregon

Building the foundation for lasting systems change in Oregon

Our Vision & Goal

To foster an emerging culture of intergenerational, cross-regional, cross-sector and inter-ethnic network that becomes the new norm for Latinos across the state.

Our goal is to advance the well-being of all Latinos through a unified statewide voice and presence in all levels of leadership.

What is Unid@s?

Unid@s is a unique leadership development program. It aims to create a strong, connected network of Latino leaders from all sectors and regions of Oregon. The program builds collaboration among leaders and lays the foundation for lasting systems change in the state.

Each cohort is made up of approximately 20 Latino leaders from across the state who commit to one year of  leadership development. Starting with a kick-off and continuing through monthly sessions, the cohort learns and grows together.

Sessions address:

  • Internalized oppression and racism
  • Intercultural and intergenerational communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Community building
  • Shared leadership
  • Political acumen and the ability to influence civic institutions
  • And more!

Check out our Cohort I, Cohort II, and Cohort III!


  • Spring/Summer: Recruit a new class of Unid@s leaders. Nominations are accepted & potential members are asked to fill out an application as part of the process.
  • September: Cohort is finalized & kick-off reception is held
  • October: Initial weekend gathering is held, led by facilitator Nanci Luna Jimenez
  • November – April: Regular sessions are held around the state, led by a variety of facilitators and guest speakers
  • May: Celebration dinner is held with cohort


In 2010, Latino leaders in the tri county area came together to identify where the greatest gap existed in leadership work. The number one issue that was viewed as a gap was “Latino leadership cohesion, collaboration, trust-building and strategic coordination.” Unid@s was created as part of the Coalition of Communities of Color Leadership Development Programs. [link to CCC]


Thank you to Meyer Memorial Trust for their generous funding to start Unid@s and fund the first three cohorts! And to Coalition of Communities of Color for their support!

Other funders include:

  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • The Collins Foundation