Unidos for Oregon

The UNIDOS for Oregon Leadership Project aims to reverse our history of regional disconnection, increase multigenerational leadership and collaboration in all sectors and lay the foundation for lasting systems change throughout the state


In 2010, Latino leaders in the tri county area came together to identify where the greatest gap existed in leadership work. The number one issue that was viewed as a gap was “Latino leadership cohesion, collaboration, trust-building and strategic coordination.” Through the support of Meyer Trust and Coalition of Communities of Color, UNIDOS was created as a multigenerational leadership program.

About Unid@s

Unid@s for Oregon strives to build a leadership framework that fosters cohesion, trust and relationships among leading individuals and organizations. In addition, the program links existing leadership initiatives, and builds capacity among local communities for a cohesive change movement.

Our vision is to foster an emerging culture of intergenerational, cross-regional, cross-sector and inter-ethnic collaboration that becomes a new norm for Latinos across the state.

Our goal is to advance the well being of Latinos through a unified statewide voice and presence in all levels of leadership.

The program develops and strengthens the following leadership skills:

  • Political acumen and ability to influence civic institutions
  • Intercultural and intergenerational communication
  • Understanding mechanisms of oppression
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collaboration
  • Negotiation
  • Community building
  • Constructivist listening
  • Shared leadership

Unid@s for Oregon is also committed to documenting our leadership history through the production of The Oregon Latin@ List ©

Nomination Process

If you know engaged leaders throughout Oregon who should be nominated to be a part of the UNID@S cohort IV, class of 2015-16, please send us your nominations (Email to Linda@LatNet.org) by July 10, 2015, and ask your nominees to save the dates.