Leadership and Civic Engagement

Latino Network’s Lideres Program advances the socio‐economic wellbeing of Latinos by giving them tools to be agents of change in their communities through various programs and projects.

Lideres Staff

Líderes Leadership Academy

This project works to increase Latino civic participation in the Portland Metro area by engaging Latino community members in a training program. Emerging leaders learn about social justice, regional governance, environmental and social sustainability, civic engagement, and leadership development. Academy participants are connected with public and elected officials and encouraged to serve on boards, commissions, and committees both in the public and private sector.

Lidercitos Academy

Lidercitos prepares the next generation of leaders. Youth participants who range from 5 to 12 years of age and whose parents or guardians are in the adult Leadership Academy are taught age-appropriate curriculum that mirrors Academy curriculum. Youth participants learn how to develop testimony, make presentations on sustainability issues, and learn about how our regional government works.

Líderes Advisory Committe

Select graduates of our Lideres Leadership Academy make up this Advisory committee, meet monthly, and help to shape our programs, advocate and address community issues.

Speak Up and Empower!

This project empowers parents and youth who have received or are receiving mental health services to voice feedback and recommendations to Multnomah County Mental Health system and providers in order to enhance services for consumers. We provide free leadership training, opportunities to network, support families in navigating the mental health system, and provide opportunities for youth and families to share their stories and help guide committees and boards that have an impact on policy decisions.

Community Advocacy and Outreach

Lideres works to advocate for policy that supports our mission to enhance the wellbeing of Latinos. We do this through attending events, tabeling, advocating for social change and partnering with other social justice organizations. Each fall, we also hold an networking Happy Hour event and host a movie night and discussion that explores an important social issue affecting Latinos.

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