Family and Youth Engagement

Latino Network’s Lideres Program advances the socio‐economic wellbeing of Latinos by giving them tools to be agents of change in their communities through various programs and projects.



Community Healing Initiative

Over the past six years, Latino Network has built a culturally specific system of care to support the successful reintegration of youth who are on probation in our community. We provide wrap around support and mentoring services to medium and high-risk adjudicated Latino youth and their families in Multnomah County through a partnership with the Department of Community Justice and the Department of Community Health Services. Contractors provide culturally specific supports, in the form of pro-social activities, academic support, access to health and community services, and advocacy to support the successful re-entry of youth into their school and community. The goal of CHI is to reduce overrepresentation of Latino youth in the justice system, and serve the whole family in an effort to interrupt and redirect families into prosocial and positive life directions.

Conexiones College and Career Summer School

Conexiones Summer School engages Portland Public Schools high school students through a six-week summer academy that explores college and career opportunities, as well training youth about Latino culture, public speaking and communications, and leadership. We partner with the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber to provide career exposure field trips designed to engage teens in planning for higher education. The program is funded by the Office of the Mayor of Portland through the Summer Youth Connect initiative.

Youth and Family Engagement

Through a partnership with Portland Public Schools, SEI and other funders, Latino Network provides soccer, traditional Mexican dance, art, leadership and team building, and other programming to youth through afterschool programs middle and high school age youth from George and Lent K-8 Schools, Jefferson High School and Madison High School.

Plaza Communitaria


Colegio de Padres / Parent College

Colegio staff work with parents to provide workshops and trainings for parents at George, Lent and Chavez on a range of critical topics for parents, including how to encourage good study habits for youth at home, talking with teachers and school staff, how to recognize signs of gang involvement, bringing up bicultural children, and others.

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