Family and Youth Engagement

Family Engagement

  • Program Director
    Nancy Ramirez Arriaga
  • Youth Engagement Specialist
    Liz Perez
  • Youth Engagement Specialist
    Antonio Gonzalez
  • Family Engagement Specialist
    Miriam Corona
  • Family Engagement Specialist
    Jackeline Luna
  • Youth and Family Engagement Specialist
    Ana Muñoz
  • CECLC Conference Assistant and Program Assistant
    Mayra Perez
  • Program Support
    Edgar Ortega

Community Healing Initiative

Youth and Family Engagement

Family and Youth Engagement offers programs that build on positive cultural identity, support student learning, develop leadership, create a college-going culture, and build connections between youth, families, and schools for student success.

Youth Programs


Escalera is a 15-month college and career readiness after school program for in-school juniors and seniors. Participants are supported to explore careers and complete an internship, earn their high school diploma, and enroll in a post secondary institution.

Conexiones Youth Leadership

Conexiones Youth Leadership is an after school leadership development program for Latino high school students that emphasizes positive cultural identity development, and creates a leadership and college-going culture.

Ninth Grade Counts

Ninth Grade Counts engages rising ninth graders through fun and educational activities in the summer for a successful transition into high school. Students learn habits of successful students, investigate college and career options, explore Chicano and Latino history and art, and are eligible to receive .5 high school credit.

Family Programs

Colegio de Padres / Parent College

Collegio de Padres engages families in a series of bi-weekly workshop sessions that build skills and provide tools to support their children be successful students, graduate high school, and reinforce a college-going culture.  Participants explore topics such as the U.S. educational system, communication with schools, creating a healthy home learning environment, childhood development, college exploration, and financial planning.

Mobile Lab

Mobile Lab helps families build computer literacy skills that support communication with schools, student learning in the home, and monitoring student academic progress and social media use.

Plaza Communitaria

Plaza Comunitaria is an education program made possible through Mexico’s National Institute for Adult Education (INEA).  Plaza Comunitaria offers Spanish-speaking adults on-line literacy courses in a school setting, and ongoing on-site support from dedicated staff and volunteers. Course levels range from primary and secondary to continuing education.

Community Healing Initiative

Over the past six years, Latino Network has built a culturally specific system of care to support the successful reintegration of youth who are on probation in our community. We provide wrap around support and mentoring services to medium and high-risk adjudicated Latino youth and their families in Multnomah County through a partnership with the Department of Community Justice and the Department of Community Health Services. Contractors provide culturally specific supports, in the form of pro-social activities, academic support, access to health and community services, and advocacy to support the successful re-entry of youth into their school and community. The goal of CHI is to reduce overrepresentation of Latino youth in the justice system, and serve the whole family in an effort to interrupt and redirect families into prosocial and positive life directions.