Family and Youth Engagement

Family Engagement

Our middle and high school programs support youth and families in their journey to successfully graduate from high school prepared for college and career

If we want an educated thriving community and a stable economy tomorrow, we must invest in our youth and their families today. We believe that earning a high school diploma is a crucial step for ensuring Latino youth’s futures. Our programs operate from a strengths-based approach, building student and parent leadership, and working with families to build a college-going culture.

Did you know? Last year, 93% of seniors in our college preparation program Escalera successfully graduated and enrolled in college.


Youth Programs Continuum

Our programs run from 7th to 12th grade to support students and their families as they progress through school and prepare for college. Our curricula build on one another to introduce concepts around leadership, service-learning, college preparation, and positive cultural identity. 

7th and 8th grade: Conexiones – a service-learning and culture after-school program that begins preparing students to think about college, and supports them in school and in building a positive cultural identity.

Incoming 9th graders: Ninth Grade Counts is a four-week summer program to support students in the transition to high-school and earn 0.5 credit over the summer; it’s part of the All Hands Raised collective impact initiative in Multnomah County.

9th & 10th grade: Early Escalera works with freshman and sophomores to build leadership skills & prepare for college.

11th & 12th grade: Escalera is a year-round, intensive college preparation programs that works closely with students to help them graduate from high school and enter college prepared for success.

All of our programs use proven, culturally-specific curricula from the National Council of La Raza.

Family Engagement

  • Colegio de Padres engages families of middle and high school youth to build skills and provide tools to support their students successfully.
  • Mobile Lab helps families build computer literacy skills
  • Plaza Comunitaria offers Spanish-speaking adults on-line literacy courses

School Sites

Portland Public School District

  • Cesar Chavez K-8
  • Lent K-8
  • Beaumont M.S.
  • Benson MS
  • Roosevelt HS
  • Madison HS

David Douglas School District

  • Ron Russell MS

Reynolds School District

  • H.B. Lee MS

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