Quotes from Parent Participants

“I have learned how important it is for parents to teach their children. The children who advance are the ones whose parents read to them and teach them at home. I didn’t think about this before because my parents didn’t do educational activities with us. No one did, not just our family, but no one in our village.”
“Now my children like to read to me. They have memorized their favorite books from the Juntos library.”
“My daughter has learned the alphabet; she knows all the letters. She notices letters on labels at home and tries to write each letter.”
“Now I read with my children every day, usually at least three times a day. In this program I have learned how to keep my son interested in the stories. He’s very active and at first did not want to sit still. Now he likes to guess what will happen next in the story, and he shows me the letters he knows when we read. He knows the first letter of his name and all the vowels.”
“Juntos has taught me that I can help my daughter succeed in life, just by reading to her and using games to help her learn to read.”

A father of three year old twins at Glenfair School told us:

“My daughters loved doing their homework every week. My wife and I helped them, and we were impressed that they learned so many letters and the numbers from one to ten.”

A mother of a three year old at Scott School told us

“A mother of a three year old at Scott School told us, “I put the alphabet pages I made in Juntos up on my daughter’s wall, and she already knows some of the letters. My other daughters didn’t know their letters when they were her age. I think she is advanced in her language skills because I am working with her more than I did with my older daughters, and I have the projects we made in the program to help teach her. I wish I would have had this information to help my older children when they were her age.”