Getting Started as a Manager in PaylociTy

Review & Approve Timesheets and Time-Off Requests (WebTime)

Managers should review employee timesheets and time off requests regularly.  At the end of each pay period, they need to approve all employee timesheets before payroll can be run.  This is typically done on the last weekday of the pay period.

  • WebTime Overview - READ FIRST - Explains how to review and approve timesheets, and how to review and approve sick, vacation, and personal time off requests.
  • How to - View and approve time off requests.  
    • Should you approve time off if the employee hasn't already earned the entire requested amount?  See the Time Off FAQ table below for guidance.
  • How to - View overtime
  • Vacation Calculator - Use to help you figure out how much vacation an employee will earn between today and a future date.
  • Helpful Tips ... Did you know you can ....
    • Set up "blackout periods" for time off requests?
    • Assign someone else to approve your employees' timesheets when you're on vacation?
      Ask HR to help you with these requests!

Time Off FAQ Table


RECRUIT and Hire employees (Onboarding)

Managers and HR work together in the Paylocity Recruiting module to view and disposition applicants for an open requisition.  See the HIRING section for complete information.