Noche Bella 2018: What a Beautiful Night!

Thank You for making Noche Bella 2018 a Success!

Nuestra comunidad, nuestra familia: Thank you for standing with Latino Network.

Last Friday, we celebrated the strength of our community at #NocheBella2018. Our goal is to transform communities, and last week is yet another example of how this transformation can happen when we come together in solidarity, resiliency and love.

Congratulations to our 2018 Aguila Honorees—Ramon Ramirez, Nichole June Maher and Mat dos Santos—and thank you for your leadership.

A huge thank you to our donors, staff, board of directors, volunteers, sponsors and vendors for your help in making our event truly special! We raised over $334,000 this year - this is the most we’ve ever raised at Noche Bella! From the bottom of our hearts we’d like to thank all of you - nuestra gente - for making this celebration possible. We now continue to build our power, our voice and our dream. ¡Vamos adelante! Thank you all for a truly beautiful night!

Our amazing Corazones Alegres youth dancers stole the show last Friday!

Our amazing Corazones Alegres youth dancers stole the show last Friday!

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“Latino Network helped me learn how to be more comfortable being me. They showed me how to move forward in a more positive way. And they’ve made a commitment to be there for me. This is what we need more of in the world.” –José

José was referred to our Community Healing Initiative (CHI) program a few years ago after finding himself in the juvenile justice system. CHI is designed to prevent and reduce violence and José was paired with Jesús, a Latino Network mentor and former CHI participant.

We have programs like CHI because of supporters like you who care about the future. Even if you didn’t get the chance to attend Noche Bella, there’s still a chance for you to be part of transforming the lives of youth like José.

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Congrats to Cambio Cafe!

It was amazing seeing our latest project in Gresham City Hall come to life last week! The Grand Opening of Cambio Cafe represents Latino Network's efforts to help start youth's career paths in a positive way. Not only will this coffee cart help teach them important business skills, but they will also learn what it takes to operate a business and have something valuable to put on their resumes. 

Here are some photos of the big day!

Summer Program Feature: Ninth Grade Counts

Madison High School – Ninth Grade Counts instructor and Youth Engagement Specialist Zaira Sanchez works with students transitioning from middle to high school to help them with necessary skills and information they’ll need for freshman year.

Madison High School – Ninth Grade Counts instructor and Youth Engagement Specialist Zaira Sanchez works with students transitioning from middle to high school to help them with necessary skills and information they’ll need for freshman year.

As students leave school and start to enjoy the summer sunshine, Latino Network is hard at work to provide educational and extracurricular programs for kids of all ages. One such program is Ninth Grade Counts – a month-long seminar that helps middle school students transition to high school.

Ninth Grade Counts is part of a countywide collaborative facilitated by All Hands Raised to prepare freshmen for high school.

Students enjoy a morning full of enrichment activities including learning about health & sexuality, exploring career options, and practicing skills needed to succeed in high school. In the afternoons, they enjoy activities from zumba to hip-hop. And on Fridays, they head out into the community for weekly field trips to college campuses, aquatic centers, OMSI, and other fun places!

Zaira Sanchez is a Youth Engagement Specialist and Ninth Grade Counts Instructor at Madison High School for Latino Network this summer. This is Sanchez’s second year working with NinthGrade Counts, and her reason for returning to help coordinate the program is all about helping students realize their full potential.

Zaira spent last summer as an AmeriCorps Summer VISTA working directly with students. She joined Latino Network as a staff member with the Family & Youth Engagement team shortly afterward. Now, just one year later, she’s helping to run the Ninth Grade Counts program!

“What makes me excited to come back again is being able to see the growth students make throughout the school year,” she said.  “This program is about establishing a sense of community ownership and learning to advocate for oneself. And as the Freshman [Early Escalera] instructor at Madison High School, I have the opportunity to see the students work through their freshman year together.”

This summer, Sanchez and the other program instructors plan to balance time in the classroom learning about shared Latino values, breaking stereotypes and practicing self-awareness with fun activities like visiting the Clackamas Aquatic Park. She says they also plan to tour Portland State University, which for many students will be the first time they visit a college campus.

Needless to say, we can all relate to the excitement and anxiety students have when they begin their freshman year. Ninth Grade Counts gives students the necessary tools, information and skills to start students off on the right foot.

Congrats to all of the soon-to-be freshmen in the program! We’re excited to see them grow throughout this summer and the upcoming school year.


Madison High School – Los estudiantes de NGC bailando en una clase de Zumba. Los estudiantes participan en muchas actividades físicas y educativas durante este programa del verano.

Madison High School – Los estudiantes de NGC bailando en una clase de Zumba. Los estudiantes participan en muchas actividades físicas y educativas durante este programa del verano.


Los estudiantes están saliendo la escuela para divertirse bajo el sol de verano, pues Latino Network está trabajando para ofrecer a estudiantes de todas las edades algunos programas de educación de verano. Un programa es El Noveno Grado Cuenta (NGC) – una clase de un mes que ayuda a los estudiantes a empezar la escuela segundaria correctamente.

Este programa es parte de All Hands Raised – un organización que prepara a los estudiantes para la escuela secundaria.

En la clase, los estudiantes  disfrutan una mañana con actividades  relacionadas con su salud y su sexualidad, van a explorar sus oportunidades de carreras profesionales, y practican las habilidades necesarias para tener éxito en la escuela. Durante las tardes, ellos disfrutan algunas actividades físicas, desde Zumba hasta Hip- hop. También durante los viernes, ellos exploran la comunidad, visitando los campus de las universidades, los parques acuáticos, OMSI y otros lugares divertidos.

Para cada empleado de Latino Network que trabaja con NGC, es importante coordinar un programa de interés para los estudiantes. Una empleada que trabaja en Madison High School en NGC es Zaira Sanchez. Es su segundo año trabajando con NGC, y la razón por la que vuelve cada año, es para ayudar a los estudiantes  a alcanzar su potencial .

El verano pasado, Zaira participó en el programa de AmeriCorps Summer VISTA, y ella trabajó con los estudiantes directamente. Ahora, ella es una empleada de Latino Network y está en el mismo lugar que el verano pasado – ¡trabajando con NGC!

“Me emociona regresar a NGC porque puedo ver ver el crecimiento de los estudiantes durante todo el año,” Zaira dijo. “Este programa está aquí para establecer un sentido de comunidad entre los estudiantes, y también para aprender de abogar por sus intereses y sus vidas. Tengo la oportunidad de ver a los estudiantes trabajar durante su primer año de escuela segundaria.”

Este verano, Zaira y los otros instructores van a pasar tiempo en la clase con los estudiantes, y los estudiantes van a aprender de los valores compartidos entre Latinos, desafiar los estereotipos y desarrollar conciencia de sí mismos. También, ellos van a hacer actividades divertidas como visitar el parque acuático de Clackamas y el campus de Portland State University. Para la mayoría de los estudiantes, va a ser la primer vez  que ellos visitan un campus universitario.

Entendemos la experiencia de los estudiantes cuando empiezan un camino nuevo, como la escuela segundaria. NGC les da la información y capacidades para empezar su primero año correctamente.

¡Felicidades a todos los estudiantes en NGC! Estamos muy emocionados de verlos crecer este verano y el próximo año de escuela.


Latino Network has Joined Oregon Cultural Trust

We’ve joined Oregon Cultural Trust! ¡Qué fantástico!

Latino Network is excited to announce our partnership with Oregon Cultural Trust. Recently, the group of over 1,450 nonprofits statewide has added Latino Network to the trust. We’re now a part of the largest coalition of nonprofits in the state!

What does this mean for you? It means that when you donate to both the Latino Network and the Oregon Cultural Trust, you get a tax write-off of that same amount. It’s a win-win for us AND for you!

The Oregon Cultural Trust is a unique program and we are pleased to join the network of exemplary nonprofit organizations advancing arts and culture in Oregon
— Carmen Rubio, Executive Director
Ballet Folklorico group Corazones Alegres performing at the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade 2016

Ballet Folklorico group Corazones Alegres performing at the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade 2016

Latino Network is dedicated to sharing the range of Latin American arts and culture traditions and heritages with our Latino communities and with all Oregonians. This year, we are proud to run arts programming including Studio Latino and Ballet Folkorico as well as the Voz Alta celebration of LGBT Latino voices. Our partnership with OCT means we are now a part of a statewide cultural movement in Oregon. From music and dance to cultural traditions, the Oregon Cultural Trust deliberately seeks to increase cultural involvement and education throughout the entire state. And we are excited to be in the middle of it all!

[Click here to see a music video produced by students from Studio Latino]

Interested in learning more? Visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website here to see the full list of nonprofits apart of the trust.

Ready to get your tax deduction? Donate to Latino Network today!

¡Qué Fantástico – Hemos Unido Oregon Cultural Trust!

El grupo de Ballet Folklorico está bailando en el Desfile de La Fiesta de Rosa Grande 2016.

El grupo de Ballet Folklorico está bailando en el Desfile de La Fiesta de Rosa Grande 2016.

enemos buenas noticias hoy – Latino Network ha unido un grupo sin fines de lucro de Oregon Cultural Trust (OCT). Recientemente, el grupo que tiene más que 1,450 miembros y ha incluido Latino Network en la asociación. Ahora, somos un parte del grupo sin fines de lucro el más grande en el estado, ¡y somos muy emocionadas!

El grupo de Ballet Folklorico está bailando en el Desfile de La Fiesta de Rosa Grande 2016.

¿Qué significa para usted? Cuando se dona al Latino Network y el mismo al OCT, recibe un deducción de impuestos de estado. Ganamos su apoyo y usted va a estar recompensado. ¡Todos ganan!

El OCT es un programa único y estamos agradecidos para unir un grupo excelente de organizaciones sin fines de lucros que están avanzando la cultura y los artes en Oregón
— Carmen Rubio, Directora Ejecutiva de Latino Network.

Latino Network está dedicado en compartiendo los artes, patrimonio, tradiciones y cultura de América Latina con todos los Oregonians. Este año, estamos orgullos para empezar los programas de artes, incluye Estudio de Latino, Ballet Folklórico y la celebración de Voz Alta.

[Aquí está un video de musica por los estudiantes del Estudio de Latino]

Nuestra asociación con OCT significa que ahora somos parte del movimiento por todo el estado en Oregón. De la música y baila al tradiciones culturas, el OCT se busca al aumentar el enredo de cultura y educación por todo de Oregón, ¡y estamos emocionados para estar en el medio del movimiento ahora!

¿Está interesado en aprendiendo más? Se puede ver la lista completa de los grupos sin fines de lucros de OCT aquí. También, se puede aprender como donar al Latino Network y recibe un deducción de impuestos aquí.

Umpqua Bank Awards Impact Grant to Latino Network

Grant Fuels Juntos Aprendemos Expansion

“If more kids had this opportunity, we would save many headaches when our children grow up. We would even save money. The jails would close.” –Juntos Aprendemos parent participant

Latino Network is excited to announce we are one of four recipients of the 2016 Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation Community Impact Grant!

The award is for three years, $135,000 to expand Juntos Aprendemos early childhood education program.

Because of this investment, Juntos Aprendemos will be able to expand to three new schools in the next three years, and 150 more Latino children and parents will be able to access this critical early learning opportunity.

“For more than fifteen years, Juntos Aprendemos has successfully been preparing kids and families to succeed in kindergarten,” said Executive Director Carmen Rubio. “We are so grateful to Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation for recognizing the program’s value to our Latino communities, and funding this expansion to ensure our Latino children are ready for kindergarten.” Read the 15-year retrospective report

In addition to the financial investment, this grant will also provide additional partnership benefits between Latino Network and Umpqua Bank. We look forward to partnering on volunteer opportunities and other activities to strengthen our communities together.

“As a community bank, Umpqua Bank is committed to investing in the communities we serve,” said Nicole Stein, Vice President Community Responsibility at Umpqua Bank. “We believe we have an obligation to give back in meaningful ways, particularly to help make a difference in the lives of children and families.”

Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation also funded three other non-profits with Impact Grants: United Way of the Wine Country in Santa Rosa, CA; Salem-Keizer Education Foundation in Salem, OR; and Baker City School District in Baker City, OR.

About Juntos Aprendemos

For more than fifteen years, Juntos Aprendemos [Together We Learn] has been a community-based program working successfully with Latino children and parents. Juntos Aprendemos is a model early childhood education program designed to engage 3-5 year olds and their parents to address the opportunity gaps and disparities in school readiness faced by Spanish-speaking children in our community. Read more about the program

Volunteer with adult ESL programs

Position Description:

Volunteer ESL Classroom Assistant

Volunteer Description and Responsibilities

Supports ESL Instructor, shares activities and ideas, guides individual students during bookwork activities, and encourages English conversation among students

Language Requirement

Intermediate Spanish preferred but not required

Skills & Knowledge

Experience with adult classroom instruction or tutoring ESL preferred but not required

Time Requirement

Class is Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm at Oliver P Lent School. Can volunteer one or both nights weekly.

Volunteer Benefits

Work with adult ESL students who are native Spanish speakers and working to learn English.

Come Volunteer With Us!

Latino Network Debuts New Volunteer Program

Over the last several months, with the help of a wonderful AmeriCorps VISTA member from Oregon Campus Compact, we have been reconfiguring our volunteer program, and modifying existing volunteer opportunities to best fit the needs of our program participants.

As we re-launch our volunteer program, we are now announcing several great opportunities for folks to volunteer with us. Just a note that a few of our opportunities include working with youth, therefore we ask each applicant to be willing to undergo a criminal background check to ensure the safety of our youth and community members.

Opportunities include working with our middle and high school students, tutoring adult ESL students, and working with our gang-involved youth. Hear something that makes you want to give back to the community? Head on over to our volunteer page and check the opportunities out!

Most of our opportunities are on the individual level, but if groups do express an interest in volunteering with us, we are excited to work with you. For groups, please email Francisco at with subject line “Group Volunteering”.

If you have an interest in volunteering with Latino Network, please drop by for our Volunteer Orientation on February 9th from 4pm to 7pm, at our main office located at: 410 NE 18th Ave. Portland, OR 97232.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!