Families Belong Together!

We will not stand by and allow families to continue to be separated!

Latino Network denounces the escalating violence by our government against our children and families.  We call on our community members, legislators, and all people of good conscience to act now to stop the policies that are allowing this to happen.  The actions of the border patrol and ICE under the direction of the administration are abusive human rights violations that are doing irreparable damage to children, families and our entire community.  We are at a moral crossroads and this is a time where we must step up our actions to end these violent and racist policies.  

This crisis must end now: this administration must stop the separation of immigrant families at the border, a needlessly cruel act that has inflicted life-long harm on children. We continue to strongly condemn the conditions in detention centers, the criminalization of immigrants and the hateful and discriminatory contempt this administration has consistently demonstrated and encouraged. 

These unconscionable actions must stop. We must continue to grow pressure for change from all of us, both elected and organizational leaders and the community. We must continue this pressure to demand justice and call out this shameful bigotry until we see that America's operating values of immigration, family, justice and opportunity are fully restored.

Here is a link to resources for immigrant community members to protect their families and their rights

Here's how you can take a stand, every action helps, big or small:

If you have family that may have been impacted by this policy, or know of any children who may have been separated and placed in Oregon, please contact the Oregon Attorney General’s Office at 503-378-6002. 



photo: John Moore/Getty Images