2017 Graduation Feature - Congrats to all of our Escalera Grads!

Of all of our Escalera students who graduated from the program in 2016, 100% went on to enroll in colleges or technical programs. 

This year, we’re optimistic that our students will achieve the same results. 

Because it’s graduation season, we thought it would be fitting to feature all of our amazing students who have worked hard this year to achieve their dreams. Not only will they graduate from high school, but many of our Escalera students have also worked hard to enroll in colleges or technical programs and start amazing careers after earning their degrees. 

The Grads

Madison High School:

Youth Engagement Specialist/Mentor for Madison: Lorena Mosqueda

  • Felipe Jimenez
    • Portland Community College | Future Connect Scholarship | Major - Film Studies
  • Monica Matias
    • Portland Community College | Future Connect Scholarship | Major - Social Work
  • Jaqueline Landa
    • Portland State University | Major - Education
  • Laura Melendez
    • Portland Community College | Career - Family & Human Services
  • Marcos Mitchell
    • Mount Hood Community College | Career - Car Technician
  • Gloria Niño Luna
    • Portland Community College | Future Connect Scholarship | Career - Nursing
  • Victor Arteaga
    • Mount Hood Community College | Career - Car Technician
  • Diana Sanchez
    • Lewis & Clark University | Kaiser Permanente Scholarship, Diversity Scholarship | Career - Nursing
  • Joseph Torres Ortiz
    • Portland Community College
  • Janie Villacis Perez
    • Portland Community College | Future Connect Scholarship
  • Amy Alvarado
    • Lewis & Clark University | Hispanic Metropolitan Scholarship 
  • Beiry Caamal
    • Portland Community College
  • Esmeralda Calderon
    • Wellesley College (Boston, MA) | Career - Medical Sonographer
  • Evelyn Can Vazquez
    • Pomona College | Pomona Scholarship | Major - Social Work
  • Karina Carbajal
    • Portland Community College
  • Maria Cazaraez
    • Portland State University | Ford Scholarship
  • Erick Contreras
    • Portland Community College
  • Carlos Diaz
    • Portland State University | CECLC Scholarship | Major - Ethnic/Chicano Studies Education
  • Giovani Santiago
    • Portland Community College
  • Erick Gonzalez
    • Portland Community College | Marathon Scholarship
  • Daniela Hartman
    • Warner Pacific College | Career - Medical Field

Benson High School

Youth Engagement Specialist/Mentor for Benson: Orlando Gaeta

  • Keyla Leyva Francisco
    • Oregon State University | CECLC Scholarship, Hispanic Metropolitan Scholarship, OSU Scholarships | Major - Business
  • Emilio Najera Torres
    • Portland Community College | Career - Architecture & Design
  • Moises Resendiz
    • Portland Community College or Construction Apprenticeship | Career - Construction
  • Jose Rojas Salazar
    • Undecided - PCC or MHCC
  • Caroline Soria-Ruiz
    • Portland State University | GANAS Scholarship | Graphic Design
  • Diana Tuz Bojorquez
    • Oregon State University | I Have a Dream Scholarship, Hispanic Metropolitan Scholarship, CECLC Scholarship | Major - Business
  • Jazmin Anicua
    • Portland Community College | Major - Early Childhood Education
  • Cristofer Gomez
    • Undecided - PCC or MHCC
  • Edgar Agaton
    • Undecided - Either PCC or MHCC | Career - Architecture & Design 
  • Erin Carillo
    • University of Oregon | CECLC Scholarship, UO Pathways Scholarship | Career - Architecture & Design
  • Melissa Garcia- Gonzalez
    • Undecided - Either PCC or MHCC | Career - Architecture & Design 
  • Suleidi Gonzalez
    • Western Oregon University | CECLC Scholarship, WOU Diversity Scholarship | Career - Nursing 
  • Francisco Hernandez
    • Mount Hood Community College | Sponsorship with Subaru | Career - Car Technician
  • Samantha Hernandez
    • Clark Community College





Roosevelt High School

Youth Engagement Specialist/Mentor for Roosevelt: Agustin Torres

  • Jose Moreno

    • Portland State University | GANAS Scholarship, Diversity Scholarship | Major - Social Work

  • Karen Gurrola

    • Portland Community College, will transfer to Concordia University | Future Connect Scholarship | Major - Nursing or Teaching

  • Maria Perez

    • Portland Community College

  • Pascuala Siquina

    • Portland State University | Career - Pediatrician or Immigration Attorney

  • Juan Pablo Ayala Zamora

    • Portland State University | Pauline & Harold Bryan Scholarship | Major - Mechanical Engineering

  • Sheila Romero

    • Oregon State University | Bridge to Success Scholarship | Career - Veterinarian

  • Jonathan Diaz

  • Alma Moo

    • Concordia University | President's Scholarship, Student Innovation Award, Concordia Grant | Major - Nursing

  • Andrea Rangel-Limon

    • Portland Community College | Career - Nursing

  • Brenda Nieves

    • Portland Community College | Career - Pediatrician

  • Carlos Vargas

    • Portland Community College | Career - Chef

  • Daisy Hernandez

    • Portland Community College

  • Fatima Rios

    • Concordia University | Tuition Waver | Major - Nursing

  • Jose Gonzalez

    • Portland Community College, will transfer to the University of Oregon | Future Connect Scholarship | Major - Sports Marketing

Congratulations to all of our Escalera graduates! We’re so excited to have been a part of your amazing journey, and we’re so excited to see what you all accomplish in your bright futures!

Congrats, Grads!

Graduates from Roosevelt (top) and Benson Polytechnic (bottom) high schools hold their diplomas and sport Escalera stolls.

Latino Network is proud to announce 100% of our Escalera seniors graduated from high school in June! Congratulations!

Our high school programs promote positive cultural identity and academic success in students’ academic journey and beyond. Escalera focuses on creating a supportive academic and social community for juniors and seniors to help them graduate and focus on their futures. Each cohort ranges between 20 to 25 students, and all students develop deep friendships and a sense of community throughout the two-year program. 

We asked Santos Herrera – our School Based Programs Manager – if he wanted to personally congratulate the grads. Here’s what he had to say:

"Graduating from high school was not a dream come true. It was a goal you achieved. Every homework assignment, every quiz, every test, every group project was a step toward your goal. I want you to take a moment to acknowledge that I did not write a single scholarship essay for you or took a single quiz or test for you. You did it, and that is why your name is on the diploma.
You may not be 100 percent sure about what is coming next in life, but one thing you can be sure of, and that is you have the tools to find the answers you need. Ask for help. Take risks. Take the time to get to know people. You and I did not know each other when we began this journey, during your junior year, and through meeting twice a week, we were able to build trust and comfort in one another. 
I promised you my very best, and you returned the favor. Do not be afraid to replicate that with people you meet on your way to the future. I love all of you and want you to know I am proud of you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life."

We couldn’t be more proud of you grads! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for your bright futures!

Escalera 2015-2016 By the Numbers:

44 seniors enrolled
100% graduation rate

43 enrolled in college
1 enrolled in Electrician Apprenticeship program

3 schools: Madison, Benson Polytechnic, and Roosevelt High School