Favorite Things

Our Favorite Things of 2018

Every year, we reflect upon the victories achieved as an organization and through the support of our growing familia. Even during challenging times - with nonsensical border walls, the separation of families and acts of violence toward people of color and other marginalized communities - it is important to call out the stories that prove our community is resilient, beautiful and stronger than ever before.

Here are our Top Five Favorite Things from 2018:

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#1 Oregon Voted NO on Measures 105 and 106

With a record state voter turnout, Oregonians voted to keep our communities safe in November. We rejected dangerous ballot measures like 105 and 106 and said that we will not compromise our values of acceptance, fairness and equality for all. By defeating M105, Oregonians affirmed that racial profiling is wrong and has no place in our state. By defeating M106, we stood behind women and nonbinary Oregonians in supporting their reproductive rights. Thank you to all who voted with our community in mind this past election! Read more about the 2018 elections here.

#2 A Perfect Graduation Rate for Our Escalera Seniors

Last June, 100% of our Escalera seniors graduated and went on to attend college or vocational programs. We can’t be more proud of all 62 seniors (some of them now college freshmen!) for their dedication and passion for their futures. We know they’ll do amazing things and we are proud to have them in our family!

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#3 Juntos Aprendemos is Launching in Central Oregon

Our oldest-running program, Juntos Aprendemos (insert link), is moving to Central Oregon! With Latinos on the rise to be the largest minority group in Oregon, we understand the importance of spreading our programs throughout the entire state. We’re proud to announce that in 2018, we successfully started strategic planning for implementing Juntos Aprendemos in both Bend and Redmond. We can’t wait to see what the new year brings for this satellite program. Stay tuned for details!

#4 Record Amounts Raised for Our Community at Noche Bella 2018

Every year, we host Noche Bella to celebrate our familia, honor leaders in our community and raise money for causes that are truly transformative for Latinx youth and families. In 2018, we raised over $334,000 - this is the most we’ve ever raised at Noche Bella! This will be used to improve and expand our programming, thus fulfilling our mission to empower youth and families in our community in the new year. An read more about Noche Bella 2018 here.


#5 Our New Office Opened at the Rockwood Campus


We moved offices last year in order to better serve our community in East County. Along with our amazing partners at Open School, New Avenues for Youth and Boys and Girls Club of Portland, we have come together to create the Rockwood Campus - a group of resources and organizations that work together to transform communities in East County. We are incredibly thankful to the City of Gresham for helping make this happen! The new space allows for our Youth Education and Wellness, Family Engagement, Community Based and Family Stability programs to be more accessible to our community in this area. Read more about our new Rockwood Office here.

2018 was incredible for many reasons, and it’s all because we have amazing supporters like you who are helping us transform lives everyday. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to combat bigotry and hate with love and acceptance. YOU are the reason why our community is thriving, and we can’t wait to see what the new year holds for us.

¡Hay vamos! Let’s make 2019 the best year for our community yet!

2017: Our Favorite Things


As a country and as a community, we have had a challenging year. However, 2017 was also full of moments that highlight the beauty and resiliency within our communities when we come together in love and unity.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from 2017:

#5 Portland Trail Blazer Partnership 

  • This is the second year that we have been a chosen partner with the Portland Trail Blazers. From hosting two successful Hispanic Heritage Game Nights to raising money through their 50/50 raffle, the Blazers have been an amazing partner to our organization and community. Not only have we been able to take students and families to games, but we have also had the opportunity to have our youth participate in basketball clinics and Blazer meet-and-greets. Thank you Portland Trail Blazers for an amazing partnership! We appreciate your dedication to making Portland a better place for all communities!

#4 High Graduation Rate Among our Escalera Students

  • In 2017, 98% of our Escalera students graduated from high school and enrolled in university or apprenticeship programs. Many of these students are the first in their families to continue their education after high school, and we can’t be more proud of their hard work and dedication that they put in to achieve their dreams. Great job, Escalera grads! We are proud to have been a part of your journey and can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do in the future!

#3 Community Response to Immigration Bans and DACA

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  • Since Trump’s decision to take actions to repeal DACA, our community has come together to protect Dreamers and their families. We have worked with many partner organizations and school districts to host community forums - including PCC Southeast Campus, Beaverton School District, Tigard-Tualatin School District, Hillsboro Public Library, and Centennial High School. Our seven successful forums have helped Dreamers, their families, and community allies learn how to protect Dreamers’ immigration status in the wake of DACA being repealed. The community’s response to this has been beautiful and resilient - thank you to all who made these forums possible.

#2 Noche Bella

  • On September 22, we hosted our fifth-annual gala, Noche Bella, at The Nines Hotel. From live music and performances by Edna Vasquez, our Corazones Alegres youth dancers, and Dina y los Rumberos to delicious food catered by Tamale Boy, Noche Bella 2017 was definitely a night to remember.  We are SO happy to have exceeded ALL of our fundraising goals for the year! A total of $284,635! Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and attendees for making Noche Bella 2017 our most memorable gala to date.

#1 YOU!

  • From running our day-to-day programs to hosting events for the community, none of our success in 2017 would have been possible without YOU. You - our familia, friends, allies, and partners - are the reason why we can continue to empower Latino communities everywhere. Thank you so much for your love and support! We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!


We hope you enjoyed these memorable moments too - we hope to share even more amazing times together with you in 2018!



The Latino Network Family