Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklórico Helps Youth Learn About their Heritage


As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we must make it a priority to teach our next generation that who they are and where they come from is celebrated and loved - this is what our Arts & Culture programs aim to do in our community. 

With this in mind, we’re happy to say that one of our youth dancers from Corazones Alegres was featured in an Americans for the Arts blog post!

Gema Huizar Rios, an 8th-grade dancer in Corazones Alegres, talked in the blog about how the program helped her get in touch with her heritage and become proud of her cultural identity. 

“For someone who is Mexican American, arts education is very important because it helps me learn about who I am and who my family is. And for me, my family is unique and full of culture,” she said. 

We are incredibly happy to have programs like these that help our youth be proud of who they are! Thank you Gema for your kind words about Ballet Folklórico!

Latino Network has Joined Oregon Cultural Trust

We’ve joined Oregon Cultural Trust! ¡Qué fantástico!

Latino Network is excited to announce our partnership with Oregon Cultural Trust. Recently, the group of over 1,450 nonprofits statewide has added Latino Network to the trust. We’re now a part of the largest coalition of nonprofits in the state!

What does this mean for you? It means that when you donate to both the Latino Network and the Oregon Cultural Trust, you get a tax write-off of that same amount. It’s a win-win for us AND for you!

The Oregon Cultural Trust is a unique program and we are pleased to join the network of exemplary nonprofit organizations advancing arts and culture in Oregon
— Carmen Rubio, Executive Director
Ballet Folklorico group Corazones Alegres performing at the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade 2016

Ballet Folklorico group Corazones Alegres performing at the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade 2016

Latino Network is dedicated to sharing the range of Latin American arts and culture traditions and heritages with our Latino communities and with all Oregonians. This year, we are proud to run arts programming including Studio Latino and Ballet Folkorico as well as the Voz Alta celebration of LGBT Latino voices. Our partnership with OCT means we are now a part of a statewide cultural movement in Oregon. From music and dance to cultural traditions, the Oregon Cultural Trust deliberately seeks to increase cultural involvement and education throughout the entire state. And we are excited to be in the middle of it all!

[Click here to see a music video produced by students from Studio Latino]

Interested in learning more? Visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website here to see the full list of nonprofits apart of the trust.

Ready to get your tax deduction? Donate to Latino Network today!

¡Qué Fantástico – Hemos Unido Oregon Cultural Trust!

El grupo de Ballet Folklorico está bailando en el Desfile de La Fiesta de Rosa Grande 2016.

El grupo de Ballet Folklorico está bailando en el Desfile de La Fiesta de Rosa Grande 2016.

enemos buenas noticias hoy – Latino Network ha unido un grupo sin fines de lucro de Oregon Cultural Trust (OCT). Recientemente, el grupo que tiene más que 1,450 miembros y ha incluido Latino Network en la asociación. Ahora, somos un parte del grupo sin fines de lucro el más grande en el estado, ¡y somos muy emocionadas!

El grupo de Ballet Folklorico está bailando en el Desfile de La Fiesta de Rosa Grande 2016.

¿Qué significa para usted? Cuando se dona al Latino Network y el mismo al OCT, recibe un deducción de impuestos de estado. Ganamos su apoyo y usted va a estar recompensado. ¡Todos ganan!

El OCT es un programa único y estamos agradecidos para unir un grupo excelente de organizaciones sin fines de lucros que están avanzando la cultura y los artes en Oregón
— Carmen Rubio, Directora Ejecutiva de Latino Network.

Latino Network está dedicado en compartiendo los artes, patrimonio, tradiciones y cultura de América Latina con todos los Oregonians. Este año, estamos orgullos para empezar los programas de artes, incluye Estudio de Latino, Ballet Folklórico y la celebración de Voz Alta.

[Aquí está un video de musica por los estudiantes del Estudio de Latino]

Nuestra asociación con OCT significa que ahora somos parte del movimiento por todo el estado en Oregón. De la música y baila al tradiciones culturas, el OCT se busca al aumentar el enredo de cultura y educación por todo de Oregón, ¡y estamos emocionados para estar en el medio del movimiento ahora!

¿Está interesado en aprendiendo más? Se puede ver la lista completa de los grupos sin fines de lucros de OCT aquí. También, se puede aprender como donar al Latino Network y recibe un deducción de impuestos aquí.

Latino Network Featured in Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade

On Saturday, June 11, Latino Network was featured on the Rose Festival Foundation’s float. 

Youth and parents marched in the Grand Floral Parade. It was an honor to be one of the floats representing the Latino communities here in Oregon.

“It is such a moving experience to see yourself as a Latino or Latina and to see your culture represented in the Rose Festival, which is the quintessential Portland experience,” said Carmen Rubio, Executive Director. “It was an important moment for us as an organization, and we were proud to be able to represent our community members and culture.”

The float featured youth from our Ballet Folklorico and Zumba groups accompanied by local renowned mariachi singer Edna Vazquez y Mariachi de Oro.

The Ballet Folklorico program teaches youth ages 7-18 the traditional Mexican folkloric dances. The group is called Corazones Alegres, which means Joyful Hearts. They have performed at Noche Bella, at El Grito, and at the Cinco de Mayo Waterfront Festival. Parents from our family Zumba class also walked in the parade, led by instructor Gisella Contreras.

See photos below or check out our full album on Facebook.

Volunteer with Ballet Foklorico

Ballet Folklorico Coordinator Assistant


Studio Latino Ballet Folklorico “Corazones Alegres”


  • Assist in preparations for public performances such as: loading and unloading suitcases, boxes, and costumes for dancers.
  • Assisting in preparing and organizing costumes for dancers such as; ironing, hanging up, folding, labeling, etc. 
  • Assisting in making headpieces/props for dances. 
  • Some clerical work (entering data, making copies, passing out flyers to parents, taking role, etc.)


Spanish is not required but preferred


No skills necessary for this work, on the job training available


Volunteer opportunities available, estimated 2 hours/week 

Other dates are TBA. 

Specific Dates: February 5th, 6th, 25th, 26th 


  • Ages 15 and above
  • Willing to be active and assist as needed
  • Must pack Background check