Summer 2017: Ninth Grade Counts Feature

In the spirit of summer, sunshine, and getting ready for school, we’re featuring our high school preparation program, Ninth Grade Counts.

This program is meant to help students prepare for ninth grade - from practicing good attendance to focusing on improving reading and writing skills, this program sets students up for success and introduces them to a community of mentors and other like-minded youth that they can be involved in.

Students earn .5 high school elective credits for the program upon completing a writing sample at the end of the summer. This writing component helps students focus on the writing skills they will need to start high school, and it allows them to explore a topic of interest throughout the summer. For example, the writing topic this summer asks students to explore their ideal careers and the goals they need to set to get there.

“Students hesitate at the idea of going to “summer school,” yet it doesn’t take long before they realize how much they’re enjoying it,” said Ana Muñoz, one of our School Based Programs Managers.

Madison High School Ninth Grade Counts students huddle up after a Portland Trail Blazers basketball clinic.

Madison High School Ninth Grade Counts students huddle up after a Portland Trail Blazers basketball clinic.

This is because even though the students may be practicing writing and good attendance, they also get to do fun activities and field trips throughout the summer. A group of students got to visit the water amusement park Wild Waves, while others got to tour local colleges and universities, and some of our youth even got to participate in Portland Trail Blazers basketball clinics.

Indeed, we’re excited to help students get excited about school while encouraging them to explore their own Latino culture and heritage. Ninth Grade Counts is meant to help students succeed - and we’re happy to report that this summer the kids are getting off to an excellent start!

We can’t wait to see what these youth will do during high school! ¡Vamos adelante jóvenes de NGC!

Thank you to Portland Public Schools, Parkrose School District, All Hands Raised, Spirit Mountain Community Fund, Multnomah County and AT&T for their partnership and contributions in making this program possible.