Students Gain Skills at Summer Internships

Do you remember your first internship? For 18 Escalera students who just completed summer internships, they certainly have a memorable experience! 

Latino Network and 11 other local organizations worked with these students to provide a great opportunity for their resumes and career paths. Huge thank you to the following partners who hosted students:

  • Lara Media 
  • YWCA
  • Independent Publishing Resource Center
  • Powers Studios
  • Lewis & Clark College
  • Verde
  • Immigrant Law Group
  • Pacific Northwest Carpentry Institute
  • Bike Farm
  • Boys & Girls Club - YouthForce Program
  • St. Johns Farmers' Market

Renzo Meza, the internship coordinator for Latino Network, highlighted the importance of providing professional opportunities to Latino students in high school. 

In fact, some students were given the opportunity to continue working with their organizations after the internship was over. “Because of her solid and efficient work ethic, Caroline was invited to continue interning with Powers Studios during the school year to work on some social media projects,” said Renzo. 

Other students were involved in internships that let them explore potential careers of interest. Last week, Pascuala – a student intern at Immigrant Law Group who is considering law school – observed court case alongside her supervisor. “This exposure lets her get a sense of what practicing law looks like, and it helps her make a plan for her future as a lawyer,” said Renzo. 

From teaching Latino youth about their Mexican cultural identities to learning how social media marketing works, all 18 students took away something valuable this summer. 

We’re so proud of you and what you will do with your bright futures! Congrats for finishing a summer full of hard work!

If you’re interested in hosting a student during the school year or next summer, contact Renzo Meza,, for more information.