Celebrate Cesar E Chavez Day through Service!

Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi are the few who are able to mobilize large groups of people in the name of social justice through nonviolence means. Cesar E Chavez is a leader who rose up to became a symbol of hope and a true American hero. Chavez became the voice for the voiceless, when no one could.

With the help of Larry Itliong from the Filipino community, they founded the United Farm Workers (UFW) union to fight years of low wages and inhumane working conditions. Through Cesar’s diligent leadership, the UFW were able to acquire higher wages and improved working conditions alongside of bringing hope to their community.

His legacy has been spread all over the Pacific Northwest in a variety of ways from “Colegio Cesar Chavez” in Mount Angel, where College without Walls value peoples’ working experience to streets being named after him. Currently a push for a National Holiday to be named after him is in the works.

At Latino Network, as leaders in the community we hope to preserve his legacy through a day of service, a day to give back to our community. This is our first year organizing this event and we hope to continue in the years to come.

Join us on March 31st at Cesar Chavez K-8 School in North Portland from 1pm – 5pm for a day filled with service, rally, and celebration. Below are ways to help.


  • Register hereIf you would like to volunteer for the event, contact Francisco, Francisco@latnet.org or 503-283-6881×137 or register online at:



  • If you or your company would like to sponsor this event contact Francisco at Francisco@latnet.org or 503-283-6881 ext. 138