Welcome Unid@s Cohort V!

Unid@s is the Latino Network leadership development program that helps cultivate strong and connected leaders within the Latino community across Oregon. The goal of the program is to advance the voice and well being of all Latinos through increased leadership and advocacy.

This year, we welcome the fifth cohort of Latino leaders from around the state of Oregon as they begin a yearlong exploration of leadership as a Latino/a. 

“Having worked with community leaders across the country and the state I have learned the stories of transformational and servant leaders,” said Octaviano Merecias, Policy and Civic Engagement Manager at Latino Network. “This year's cohort members are transforming their communities in various ways and the most exciting thing is that such change is happening in the place I call home.”

The cohort just finished participating in the annual Unid@s kickoff retreat at the Oregon Coast, where participants focused on leadership topics such as: establishing a foundation for collaboration,
constructivist listening, supportive leadership and unlearning oppression, and understanding leadership oppression. The sessions are led by Nanci Luna Jimenez of Luna Jimenez Seminars. 

In a time when policy, leadership and advocacy closely relate to the well being of minorities in America, Unid@s aims to engage Latino leaders of all ages and help them become involved in advocating for the Latino community. 

“Latin@s in Oregon are the fastest growing ethnic minority across the state,” said Octaviano. “When I think of Unid@s I think of building a very important and much-needed leadership pipeline to work towards addressing the challenges and opportunities presently and in the near future.”

Interested in learning more about the members of Unid@s Cohort V? Visit the Unid@s Cohort V webpage here. 

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