Contracts and Funding Codes

See the LATNET contract administrator for how to get contracts processed or review the content below.  The process is different based on the type of contract it is.

  • Contract Summary Sheet (for revenue and office/business contracts only) - Complete this entire form and attach it to a contract you need signed. Give packet to Sandra for signing or place directly in Carmen's inbox.  This sheet is not needed for Professional Services Agreements.
  • New Program / Funding Code Request Form

Need to use the Van? 

Review the Van Protocol steps below.  Forms & information you will need:

Auto Flow 1.JPG
Auto Flow 2.JPG

Key Contact Information

Jose Gutierrez, CHI Parent Advocate, Van Coordinator, (503) 816-6164

Yolanda Gonzalez, CHI Program Manager, (971) 303-4948

Alice Perry, Community Services Director, (503) 422-2008

David Martinez, Deputy Director of Operations, (503) 307-9143