how to obtain a badge,  background check, and fingerprinting



 READ FIRSTProcess Latino Network Uses to Hire Independent Contractors

There is specific paperwork and steps which must be completed before a contractor can begin to work for Latino Network.  Specifically,

  1. Professional Services Agreement. Must executed by both the contractor and Latino Network. Not used for SUN Managers.

  2. Completed W9. Good through the end of the calendar year.

  3. Background Check.

    • We need proof that the contract has a current, valid background check, (a district badge with photograph with updated expiration date-PPS only),

    • Or an email from the district stating the person has been cleared. For PPS, contact Jennie Churchill ( For RSD, contact Lori Phillips(

    • Signed Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Form. This form gives Latino Network permission to perform a background check (which will be good for 1 year completion.)

    • Once you submit the background check form to HR, HR will return a cleared authorization to you.

  4. Once steps 1, 2, and 3 are completed, submit all paperwork to Contract Administration for processing.

*For Sun Site Manager's only; Checklist

Submit all paperwork to your Program Manager for review and further processing.