melany desrochers


SUN Community School Site Manager, Bridger Elementary School

email: | Ph: 503-916-6336 ext. 72039


Roles and responsibilities at Latino Network:

I work in the Bridger community managing the Bridger SUN Community School. My role includes supporting the Bridger community through managing Bridger SUN extended-day programming, supporting monthly food distributions, working with Bridger school staff and administration on a daily basis, connecting families to resources around energy and housing, working with PTA and other school-based groups as needed, and hosting events and community dinners.

What motivates you to do this job at Latino Network?

I like the idea of being an positive adult in the lives of youth and having our relationships evolve based on respect and understanding over test scores or classroom performance. My background in psychology and community health allows for me to approach this work in a kind way that allows me to see and serve the whole student. I like providing a safe, nonjudgmental space for students to exist and where they can hopefully learn how to be themselves and not apologize for who they are, how they feel, and where they come from.

Interests and activities:

I like to run and travel. I enjoy mixing both of those things and will be completing my first international marathon this summer as an excuse to see Iceland.

Most proud achievement:

I am a first generation college student who was never actively encouraged or expected to go to college. I now hold two bachelor degrees and a MS, which I am extremely proud of.