Mariela McCauley

PNI School Coordinator

Ph: 503.283.6881 | Em:

Roles and responsibilities at Latino Network:

I help support youth and encourage them to be engaged in school academically, socially and emotionally by providing case management. I work with youth to set goals (S.M.A.R.T.) and find ways to achieve them. I introduce 9th and 10th grade Latinos to college with the goal of helping them break barriers and encourage them to attend higher education. In addition, I do case management and see where youth need support in order to provide help. 

What motivates you to do this job at Latino Network?

Being Latina, I understand that sometimes parents did not attend college and they do not know the process of college and as a student it can be overwhelming not knowing where to begin. By supporting students and making sure they are passing classes, they will have a much higher opportunity for scholarships down the road. I can support them due to my past. It motivates me because I have already gone through the process of applying for and attending college and have tips for their success.

Interests and activities:

I really enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming, as well as spending time with my family and friends.

Most proud achievement:

I am most proud of having an older sister who was always a good role-model. She always had good grades, attendance and was kind to others. Having her set the example really helped me become who I am today. She went to college and that encouraged me to follow her footsteps. I am forever thankful for having the chance to have a good role-model because not many people do.