Katelyn Henson

Communications Coordinator

email: katelyn@latnet.org | P: 503-283-6881


Roles and responsibilities at Latino Network:

I coordinate communications for the organization - social media, website, press releases, photography, etc. I also help coordinate anything design-related for Latino Network, including flyers, event materials, and overall branding strategy.

What motivates you to do this job at Latino Network?

I like being able to use my marketing and communications background for an organization that helps people. It's amazing coming into work everyday and working with people who want to make the world a better place.

Interests and activities:

Photography, piano, Dungeons & Dragons, hiking, climbing, and petting other peoples' dogs.

Most proud achievement:

I lived in Peru for a while doing research on shamanism in the Andes. We researched how Peru can incorporate native plants into the national healthcare system to provide affordable healthcare for low-income families. It was really rewarding and an awesome experience!