Israel Perez 

Mobile Housing Coordinator

Ph: 503.283.6881 | Em: 


Roles and responsibilities at Latino Network:

I work within the Homeless Family System of Care to meet homeless families where they’re at, and work to address individual and structural barriers to help connect those in need to housing in Multnomah County.

What motivates you to do this job at Latino Network?

What motivates me in life is the idea that we are all interconnected and that our actions determine the impact we make in the world. Our impact in the world is ultimately for us to decide. By being part of Latino Network I am fulfilling my mission of making the world a more accepting place where all can live in peace and dream without limitations.

Interests and activities:

I am a very artistic person with an interest in many hobbies: Analog photography and darkroom printing, creative writing (I own 3 typewriters, my favorite one being a Remington from the 1930s), cooking and baking (I have even auditioned for a few cooking competition television shows and made it far in the selection process), sewing, and spending time with my two rescue cats SugarPlum (who's not the sweet unless he is being walked around the neighborhood) and Charlie Chaplin the sweetest tuxedo cat one will ever meet.

Most proud achievement:

Being the first person in my family to earn a Bachelors degree and going to business school to earn a Master of Science in Management and Leadership.