Hire a new Employee or Intern

As of June 1st, 2019, we have implemented new guidelines for our recruitment processes. Please revise the documents below:

· LATNET Recruitment Process

· Hiring Manager Roles and Action Items in Recruiting and Hiring Process

· Open Requisition Form (fillable)- for all hiring managers to begin using immediately and swap out for old req. form

· Resume Screening Checklist

· Interview Panel Guide

Approvals - Make sure you have discussed the position, budget, responsibilities, and reporting structure for any new employee with your manager and/or Director first.

Open a Requisition - Complete the Personal Requisition Form (employee) or Intern Application Form and submit to HR.  You will be asked to provide information about the postion, as well as screening and interview content.  

View and Disposition Candidates - Once the req is posted, you can view and disposition candidates in the Paylocity Recruiting tool.  Look here for How To instructions.

Screen and Interview Candidates - Review these important guidelines for do's and don'ts for interviewing candidates

Make an Offer - Complete the Intern application and submit to HR

Onboarding - During the onboarding process we complete the hiring process both collect the information we need to make someone an official employee, and start the process of welcoming and integrating a new employee into Latino Network.  Some steps include: