Open a Requisition

  • Make sure you have discussed the position, budget, responsibilities, and reporting structure for any new employee with your manager and/or Director first.
  • Complete the Personal Requisition Form and submit to HR.  You will be asked to provide information about the postion, as well as screening and interview content.  

View and Disposition Candidates - View and disposition candidates in Paylocity

Make an Offer - Complete the New Employee Information form and submit to HR

Onboarding - This is the process HR uses to collect a new employee's personal information, preferences for direct deposit or tax withholding exemptions, and proof of citizenship or right tot work.  It is also the time when new employees receive any applicable benefits information.  Once all the proper "paperwork" or digital onboarding is completed, employees are set up in Paylocity for payroll and time card input. 


READ FIRST:  Process Latino Network Uses to Hire Independent Contractors

First Time Contractor Hire

There is specific paperwork and steps which must be completed before a contractor can begin to work for Latino Network.  Specifically,

  1. Professional Services Agreement .  Must executed by both the contractor and Latino Network
  2. Completed W9.  Good through the end of the calendar year.
  3. Background Check.  
    • We need proof that the contract has a current, valid background check, (e.g., a district badge with photograph and an updated expiration date), or
    • Signed Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Form.  This form gives Latino Network permission to perform a background check (which will be good for 1 year completion.)

Contractors are asked to use this Invoice Template to bill Latino Network for their time.


Rehire a Contractor

To rehire a contractor for an additional term, the following steps must be reviewed and/or completed as necessary:

  1. Professional Services Agreement.  A new contract must be executed with the new dates
  2. Current W9:  No new W9 is needed if the new contract dates are in the same calendar year as the W9 already on file.   Otherwise, one for the new calendar year must be signed and submitted.
  3. Background Check:  No new background check is needed if the most recently approved one is valid through the last date of the contract term.  Otherwise a new Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Form (or proof of successful completion of a new one) must be on file.

All of the above must be completed and in place before the contractor can start an additional term of work.


Convert a Contractor to an Employee

If a contractor has successfully completed two terms as a contractor for Latino Network and his/her manager wants to continue to utilize their service, the manager can recommend they be hired as a TEMP (TEMPORARY) employee of Latino Network.  A Contractor Conversion Form must be completed and signed by the hiring manager and the SUN Program Manager is required.