Fernanda Robles-Garcia

Family Success Specialist

email: fernanda@latnet.org

Fernanda joined the Family Stability Programs Team as a Family Success Specialist for Latino Network in 2016. She works with families who are eligible for TANF and empowers them to become socially, emotionally and economically self-sufficient.  Her favorite part about her job is to be working within the Latino community and helping families reach their full potential. 

Fernanda is most proud of her ability to provide families with a different, optimistic worldview and her passion to help restore individuals’ self-worth that was lost to them. 

Originally from Aguascalientes Mexico and immigrating to the U.S. as a young girl, Fernanda has always had a special passion for Latino culture and communities. Before working with Latino Network, she worked full time at Morrison Child and Family Services. Fernanda holds an undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in anthropology from Portland State University, and her goal is to pursue a masters degree in family counseling. 

When she isn’t working with families at Latino Network, Fernanda is an on-call youth specialist for Morrison Child and Family Services, where she facilitates workshops to teach youth pro-social behavior. She also enjoys to read classic novels, and draw and paint. 

Fernanda’s favorite part about living in Portland is the awesome sweater weather and restaurant scene.