Carmen Elias Francisco

Community Pathways Network Navigator

em: | P: 503-283-6881

Role and responsibilities:

Work collaboratively with Community Pathways Network partner organizations to identify client needs and pair them with an appropriate, culturally responsive service provider. Understanding the diverse needs of referral families and ensuring the full range of client needs are met. Connect families with relevant services and supporting client choices as well as facilitate a warm hand-off to partner organizations.

What motivates you to work at Latino Network?

To work with families to identify, assess and prioritize clients needs along with my mission to positively transform the lives of youth, families, and communities throughout the area.

What are some of your favorite hobbies or things to do when not working?

Draw and go for long walks.

What is something you’re proud of in your life?

So far I have been able to accomplish my personal goals classes, trainings, certifications in order to better provide services for the families I work with.