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“I change myself, I change the world.” -Gloria E Anzaldúa

At Latino Network, we believe education, civic leadership, and family stability are the key drivers of success for our community. Our programs focus on these crucial issues for youth and adults to build a thriving, engaged, and respected Latino community in Oregon – and beyond.


Our youth face many challenges. We work to eliminate disparities through systems change and to support our students from birth to high school graduation to foster positive cultural identity and academic success. Our programs prepare children to be ready to succeed in kindergarten and support middle school  and high school students in successfully graduating prepared for college and career. We integrate family engagement into every aspect of our program.

Civic Leadership

We believe in the self-determination of the Latino community to solve our own problems. Our programs support the development of youth and adults to be agents of change in the community. We also engage in advocacy to build a more just and equitable society for everyone.

Family Stability

As many Latino families struggle with poverty, we work to help families heal from violence and trauma to break the cycle of poverty. Our programs work with the entire family to create generational change.