Amanda Manjarrez

Director of Advocacy



Amanda Manjarrez joins the team as our first ever Director of Advocacy, leading a new department that oversees our  policy advocacy agenda, leadership programs, and 501c4. Prior to joining Latino Network, Amanda worked as the Advocacy Director for the Coalition of Communities of Color based in Portland, Oregon. The CCC is an alliance of 19 culturally-specific organizations working to advance racial justice. She also spent the last decade developing campaign strategies, and advocating for progressive causes in New Mexico.

Amanda has tackled critical issues to advance racial equity and improve the quality of life for people in the community. Originally moving to Portland to attend Lewis & Clark Law School, she is now an active member of the New Mexico State Bar. Before law school, Amanda served as Chief Strategist at the Center for Civic Policy where she led the organization’s advocacy initiatives and developed strategy for the NM Civic Engagement Table. She also managed electoral campaigns and has consulted with a variety of candidates in New Mexico on communications and public policy issues. She brings creative leadership and a deep commitment to promoting social justice in her community.